Amidst the 21st century resurgence of American manufacturing, Rushmore USA Tools was born to support the increasing demand for affordable American-made tools that help you compete across the globe. At Rushmore, we let the quality of our tools speak for itself, and keep end-user costs comparably low by focusing on maximizing our state-of-the-art CNC machining and design facilities instead of on expensive marketing campaigns. Our commitment has always been to you – our tooling community – and that means delivering ‘Made in USA’ tools that ensure ‘Made in USA’ continues to remain synonymous with excellence and innovation.

To us, that means always combining the latest geometries and coating technologies with the accuracy and dependability of fully automated American manufacturing. And to ensure that we meet the needs of metalworkers, fabricators, job shops and production facilities everywhere, our leading high speed steel and solid carbide cutting tools will always be available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Each end mill, drill, tap and countersink is built to increase your speed, feed and profit - instead of your costs, and that’s what we will continue bringing to your machine spindle.